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Pest Control Exeter

If you have reported bites or you have a large number of tiny droppings in the house you may have a Bed Bug, Flea or Cockroach infestation. In the case of Bed Bugs or Fleas our pest controller attends and utilises a licensed, potent spray extensively through the property to destroy the infestation before it can spread further. The method of Cockroach treatment involves the application of a sticky type of gel bait the areas of infestation and travel. This is a very successful method of treatment, leaving very little odour.

If you are a business, you may have a legal obligation to have your property covered via an annual pest contract. You may also seek peace of mind and would feel comfortable having someone watch over the property to make sure any pest issues do not become problems. We provide an annual contract service where we attend a pre-agreed number of times over the course of a year to inspect the property and treat where required. We want to prevent pest problems in your property as much as you do and would be on hand to help you.

Mice, Rats and Squirrels infestations can occur and all can be large nuisances due to property damage and the potential spread of disease. Fortunately we are here to correct this problem. Our pest controller places down bait boxes and potent poison throughout the property and will arrange a second visit at the property (if needed) for a later date to return and retrieve the traps.

We can treat insect infestations using powders or sprays. The powder we use is very effective against Ants and the sprays are effective against Moths, Flies and other insects.

In the event of a Bird issue or if you would like to make contingency plans against a future possible Bird problem we can attend the property and provide a quote for netting or spikes to be placed down to prevent any intrusion. Aspiring towards professionalism and maintaining a diligent attitude, we take great care and ensure our extensive works is effective in getting the job done.

On rare yet unfortunate occasions you may find yourself under attack from Moles. Moles damage the appearance of your garden or lawn but they also undermine integrity through their tunnelling. We use effective tried and tested methods of control by using killing traps which are inserted into a hole and kills the Moles on contact.

No job is too small for us and that includes dead animal disposal. We understand that de-composition of dead pests is unpleasant so we are here to remove the animal promptly, no mess or fuss.

Pest Removal

At Pest Arrest Exeter, we understand the stress an infestation can bring. This is why we can be out within 30-90 minutes* to start the pest removal process.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp stings can be painful and border line deadly, this is why it is urgent for you to call us if you have a wasp nest. We come out, irradicate the wasps, then return* to dispose of the empty nest.